Pay and Benefits for Locum Tenens Physicians

Locum Tenens Jobs Pay Well

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a nationwide shortage of qualified doctors to staff hospitals, healthcare facilities, and telemedicine services in all 50 states. Your skills, certifications, and training are high in demand, so locum tenens jobs pay top dollar and provide flexibility for your lifestyle. Our Locum Tenens Physicians are also paid by the hours worked, not based on the number of patients or caseloads. There are many assignments to choose from; let our experts match you with the right jobs!

TLC Locum LLC. Matches You with the Best Locum Tenens Jobs

Whether you want to stay local, travel, or work from home, TLC Locum LLC. matches you with the right jobs. Our specialists get to know you, your skills, and your personal preferences so they can find the perfect assignments. You choose the jobs you want, controlling your schedule and the types of positions you are willing to cover. Many locum tenens physicians enjoy the flexibility of temporary assignments where they choose their schedule. Want less time on call? Less uncertainty or last-minute calls to come into work? Locum tenens jobs provide the benefits of temporary work with the flexibility of a full or part-time schedule, whichever you prefer.

Locum Tenens Physicians and Tax Savings

Locum Tenens Providers are considered Independent Contractors for tax purposes. The amount of tax you pay is taken from a percentage of your taxable income, which is your earnings, after subtracting any applicable deductions. When you work for TLC Locum LLC. you can further reduce your taxable income by deducting:

With new changes in the tax code, you also have a larger minimum itemized deduction and could benefit from a 20% pass-through deduction, referred to as the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction.
We provide you with all the forms you need for payroll and tax purposes. Another benefit unique to TLC Locum LLC. is that we pay our physicians weekly. Get access to your money and get the most out of all your benefits and tax breaks with our help. As a TLC Locum LLC. traveling physician, you will have knowledgeable payroll experts who can assist you with any payroll questions.

TLC Locum Has You Covered

When you are a TLC Locum Tenens Physician, we take care of all the details. From travel arrangements to licensing requirements, our specialists do more than job placement. As a traveling doctor, you have a lot of planning and paperwork each time you take on a job at a new location. If you spend a lot of time searching for jobs, doing paperwork, navigating licensing requirements, and not as much time providing care as you would like, partnering with TLC Locum LLC. is a great choice. We will find the perfect jobs for you and take care of all the paperwork and requirements, so all you have to do is show up and get to work.

We handle all the details: