FAQs for Locum Tenens Providers

You Have Questions, TLC Locum LLC Has Answers

Locum tenens positions are increasingly popular for all types of physicians, including ER physicians, Family Practice physicians, Pediatricians, Internists, and Hospitalists. At TLC Locum LLC, our consultants are ready to assist in your locum tenens job search. You can contact us anytime, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We have also put together a list of FAQs to help answer some of the most common questions providers typically have when embarking on a locum tenens career.

What is Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens is a Latin phrase that means “to hold the place of” or “to substitute for”. We use this term to describe temporary or traveling physician assignments. When you take on locum tenens jobs, you have the opportunity to take on temporary assignments giving you the flexibility to choose your own schedule. TLC Locum LLC also offers permanent placement if that is your desire.

Why choose locum tenens?

There are many reasons physicians choose locum tenens opportunities. Among them are greater flexibility, reliable income, and even travel opportunities. It is also a wonderful option for physicians interested in exploring different positions in a hospital or practice without the full long-term commitment to one path. Locum tenens is also an attractive option for recent graduates looking to experience many fields before deciding on a specialty or setting.

What are the licensing requirements for locum tenens physicians?

TLC Locum LLC consultants assist locum tenens physicians with all their licensing requirements. Whether you need to establish new state licenses or navigate reciprocity between states, we will ensure you have the proper licensing in time for working on new assignments. Our in-house team is certified by The Joint Commission, and we understand the proper procedures for licensing and credentialing. We also offer assistance for licensing renewals.

Which types of healthcare facilities are open for locum tenens providers?

TLC Locum LLC works with top-quality facilities. We provide services to facilities such as hospitals, emergency centers, single specialty group practices, occupational health clinics, urgent care centers, private physician offices, family practices, pediatric centers, community care facilities, telemedicine companies, and long-term care facilities.

Is Locum Tenens a good job?

Many doctors choose locum tenens positions for their many great benefits and flexibility. Locum Tenens physicians also prefer the financial structure of locum tenens, which pays by the hours worked rather than client or case numbers. The ability to fill temporary, high-in-demand positions allows for greater pay potential well above a typical salary. Some choose to moonlight locum tenens on the side, which offers flexible additional income and more desirable positions. Our locum tenens staffing agency offers direct deposit payroll and competitive hourly rates. TLC Locum LLC also pays weekly, allowing quicker access to your earnings.

Do Locum Tenens Doctors need their own malpractice insurance?

Yes, Locum Tenens providers need to carry malpractice insurance. At TLC locum Staffing, we offer medical malpractice insurance for our physicians, nurses, specialists, and other medical professionals. Whether you choose short- or long-term staffing opportunities, our agency ensures you meet all the requirements and have the coverage you need for peace of mind.

Who is eligible for locum tenens jobs?

There are some minimum requirements for working with our locum tenens agency: You must have eligibility to work in the USA, your maintained medical license must be in good standing in at least one state, and you need an active registration with the DEA. If there are any other requirements for a particular job, our specialists will ensure you are ready to work your desired jobs.